Most of companies which want to enter international market have to face with a problem, that is, how to enable their products and services are understandable and acceptable by local people. This refers to language conversion, that’s to say, these companies must translate their language into the local language. But do they should hire translators or find a translation company to help them? Why one is better? Before making a decision, there are few things they should know.


If you hire translator (s):

Usually, the translators who hired by the companies as full-time employees not only translate but do other work relating to international business due to their language advantage, such as email receiving and sending, contact with foreign customers, etc. There are not always many translation work to do, thus, in order to make full use of the translator, the company will let the translator to do other work. To some extent, the translator helps the company which hired him a lot, because he can do many other things besides translation. In fact, he works more on other things than translation.


The problem is that the translator is specialized only in an aspect, but not an all-round talent, for example, he may know well about engineering machinery, but doesnt have background in contract translation or international trade, etc. When it comes to such kind of translation, the translator will take a long time to check the professional vocabulary for translation. Its known to all that a professional translator has rich knowledge and experience in his own field. For the field which he is not good at, he will make some mistakes. One word may have different meanings in various language contexts. By looking up the dictionary, you may get its literal meanings in common contexts.


Besides, most of translators are good at one or two languages. For translation of other languages, companies have to hire more translators. In this case, the cost will be greatly increased.


If you resort to a professional translation company:

A professional translation company has many translators who are specialized in different industry for multi-language translation. Translators in translation companies merely focus on translation, thus they wont be distracted by other work and have more time to improve themselves and provide more professional translation. In spite of different languages, various types of documents, etc., it can always provide corresponding services. Therefore, translation companies can continuously provide customized, efficient, cost-saving, professional services to their customers.


Everything has two sides and there are also disadvantages if you seek help from translation companies. For instance, the first time when you get service from a translation company, they will give you the high-quality translation to get your trust. However, in future, you may find that sometimes they just use machine translation such as Google in order to complete quickly. Some translation companies have bad after-sales service or even dont have. Thats to say, if there are problems with translation, customers are hard to get solution from the company that serves them, especially the small translation company.


Whether employ translators or resort to translation companies, it depends on practical situation. If your company doesnt need translation frequently and only need service for a time, such as the product brochure, package description, or interpretation for a time, then its better to find a translation company. But if your company needs a person who can both do common translation work and work on other things, you can employ translators (You can employ one or more translator according to your budget.).



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